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Re: asmutils-0.01: interesting?

Edward Betts wrote:
> This was in the README file:
> > This package is great for small Linux distributions (rescue, embedded etc.).
> > It contains extreemly small and fast replacements for several unix
> > utilities. Usual way for small system is to replace binaries with shell
> > scripts to save size, however scripts require more memory and run slower.
> > This package provides:
> > 
> >     1) _binaries_
> >     2) _that_do_not_require_libc_
> >     3) _that_are_small_as_scripts_
> >     4) _that_are_fast_as_kernel_
> It is an attempt to rewrite popular linux commands in assembler so they are
> smaller and run faster. Here is a directory listing of the progress so far:

Please compare it with busybox from the boot floppies package.  I
don't think we can use it very much, however, the programs it
supports might be usable.



The MS-DOS filesystem is nice for removable media.  -- H. Peter Anvin

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