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Re: debian 2.1 install

Andreas Kraska <andreas.kraska@hbs.regiocom.net> writes:
> I've tried to install Debian 2.1 on my PC, but it doesn't work.
> Because the AM53C974 driver of the boot kernel doesn't work.
> I have a Dawicontrol DC-2974 SCSI-Controller with AM53974A Chip, 
> which runs Suse with a Tekram driver. 
> But the Tekram driver is not an option during install of Debian 2.1!
> The boot floppy of Debian 2.0 from Tekram doesn't work ...
> I posted this to several debian-Usenet groups, but no one replied !
> Can anybody help me getting my debian Linux installed ???
> AK
> -- 
> * Dr. Andreas Kraska, Noeschenroeder Str.77, D-38855 Wernigerode,
> Germany
> * WWW:  http://home.hbs.regiocom.net/hbs/Andreas.Kraska
> * "Grosses Geld und kleine Kinder kann man nie genug bekommen"

     I am not familiar with the current boot floppies, or with SCSI
drivers, so I have forwarded your question to the boot-floppies list,
debian-boot@lists.debian.org.  Another good source of help is the user
list, debian-user@lists.debian.org .  To subscribe to any of the Debian
mailing lists, send an email to the list name, with -request inserted
before the `@' eg. debian-user-request@lists.debian.org .
     Please cc: replies to andreas.kraska@hbs.regiocom.net.  Please
don't cc: to me.

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