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Debian Boot Floppies CVS: setup-api amyf

CVSROOT:	/cvs/debian-boot
Module name:	setup-api
Changes by:	amyf	1999-06-03 07:26:21

Modified files:
	package        : CacheData.cc CacheData.h Makefile 
	                 PackageInfo.cc PackageInfo.h PackageList.cc 
	                 PackageList.h PackageMgr.cc PackageMgr.h 
	package/sample : Makefile main_pkgMgr1.cc main_pkgMgr3.cc 
	package/test   : Makefile 
Added files:
	package        : SetupUtils.cc SetupUtils.h UniqueList.cc 
	                 UniqueList.h basePkgList.i386 pkgList 
	package/sample : README basePkgList basePkgList.i386 
	package/test   : main_cache1.cc main_cache2.cc main_cache3.cc 
	                 main_cache4.cc main_setupUtil.cc 

Log message:
- Changed it so that on queue-ing up of a package for add/removal, the depcache
gets marked - gives a more accurate notion of the amount of space avail, etc
plus for ensuring that dependencies are ok
- Added functions to PackageMgr for checking if the system is broken, plus getting
a few additional lists: list of packages the user wants to install/remove plus the
packages that will be newly installed, upgraded, and removed
- Added functionality to enable fetching of packages which may be removed on a package's
removal due to reverse dependencies. Note: it doesn't totally agree with apt-get remove
in simulation mode! (yet)
- Added functionality to keep track of references of packages added due to dependency of
another package's addition.
- Added functionality to undo an install/remove request. Packages added due to dependency
that no longer have any references are marked keep. Ditto in removal - packages that are
removed due to reverse dependency of another package's removal, on cancellation, these
packages should be marked keep as well - since no reference counts are kept in the removal
case, apt is relied on to fix dependencies.
- Added a UniqueList class

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