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CD boot/install strategy

Here is a sort of rough strategy of how installing from CD might work.
There are lots of small alternatives and possible worksarounds if you see
any problems with this.  I know it's quite vague, but please let me know
if you see anything brain-damaged here.  Any other comments or flames
are also welcome.

1.  boot into small initrd (linuxrc begins running)

2.  mount new root from CD onto /mnt

3.  chroot to /mnt

4.  go through regular installation

5.  a.  nop ; no reboot necessary
    b.  mount new user-specified filesystem layout under [/mnt]/target
    c.  run package selection utility

6.  a. write device that user selected as root to
    b. [other small clean-up stuff; see man initrd]  
    c. exit (linuxrc) 

7.  smoke test: continue boot into newly installed system 

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