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Re: rc?.d configuration

Matt Porter wrote:
> > Yeah, I haven't heard of anyone yet actually being able to build a
> > potato-based boot-floppies yet.  It's a shame.  I hope we don't go
> > into freeze with a badly broken package again...

> Consider this a good report.  I will probably roll my changes in a couple
> days if my testing goes well.  I've been running lots of installs on my
> PowerPC PReP hardware with no major problems using my changes to CVS.

How did you manage to work with pointerize?  It only produces junk on
my machine.

> Some of my trouble was lack of understanding of boot-floppies (it has a
> little bit of a learning curve :).  There seem to be some Makefile

Oh yes... it also took me quite some time to understand how things are

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Mind if I steal this .sig?  It's wonderful!



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