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Re: Hello

"Jurgen Webber" <the_war_child@hotmail.com> writes:
>      I have tried installing Debian Via the Boot disk and HD methods.
> In both occasions the loading of the kernal has locked up when it is 
> accessing and so it says "downloading" the 412 SCSI instructions.
> I have a Atapec AVA 2400 PCI SCSI Adaptor on the 5th PCI slot using IRQ 11. 
> I have no idea to why this happens, its just locks up, no reasoning for it, 
> no error messages. Just totally Freezes. Also I have a Teac 12xR and 4xw 
> CD-R as the device.
>     Thanx if u can help me! :)

     Sorry, I can't help you on this.  Questions like this are best
addressed to the mailing lists debian-boot@lists.debian.org or
debian-user@lists.debian.org.  I hve forwarded thyoiur question to the
boot list.

[Please cc replies to <the_war_child@hotmail.com, not to me]

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