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Bug#36947: base.tgz not found - no error message

Hi Yann,

] Under certain conditions still to be investigated, the "Install base
] system" step of Debian installation does not unpack base.tgz.
] This happened while installing 2.1 from the LinuxCentral CDs, on a
] machine to which I'll have access till 1999/06/07 with no problem, and
] later with some geographical difficulties.  This has also happenned to
] me with 2.0 some months ago during an installfest - no access to the
] machine any more, I could not investigate.
] What happens is that the system proposes to scan the CD for base*.tgz,
] or to have the user enter the path by hand.  When selecting "auto",
] the install process goes on, without saying that something went wrong
] (during the installfest I lost hours before finding out base.tgz had
] not been unpacked).
] When selecting "manual" and entering the path, it works fine.
] * there seem to be a difference in the ways the 2 cases are handled
] * there is obviously a missing error check in a critical moment
] I'll investigate next week.

Have you found time to investigate this any closer?



PS: I'm not too deep into boot-floppies programming.

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