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Re: [sparc] new bootdisks coming soon

Eric Delaunay <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> writes:

> BTW, how should I commit my patches ?  

Changes you want in the slink boot-floppies should be committed to a
local repository which is on the "adam-boot-floppies_2-1_branch"

> Either I completely missed the point about getting the
> "adam-boot-floppies_2-1_branch" branch or my last fixes (dated from
> 99/04/13) about 2.2 kernel support were not put in the tree.  I have
> had to refix them in my current copy of the tree

I'm not quite sure what you are saying.  We have the 'trunk' which is
for potato, and the 'branch' which is for slink.

Committing to the branch isn't going to get your changes into the
trunk unless I do a merge.  Committing to the trunk won't get onto the
branch, period (that's the point of the branch).

> :-(( More on this
> topic: how do you manage to bring some fixes from your branch to the
> main trunk ?  Is there any magic cvs command ?

No.  Just ask me to do another merge from the branch to the trunk and
I'll do it.  Do you want me to do that?

It's not a command, it's a workflow.  It's pretty tricky and I prefer
to do it myself.  OTOH, I am not really in a position to burn new
slink boot-floppies for i386 since I don't seem to have any access to
tecra kernels.

Enrique, would you be able to burn a new boot-floppies?

> > 2.2.5 is available AFAIK (or is that only source?).  Why not just
> > stick with that?
> Where can I get these kernel-images ?  (I'm not connected to the net
> by the time I write this email so I cannot check if it sits in
> potato or not, sorry).

I dunno.  I guess they don't exist yet.  Should I make some for 2.2.5?
I think I shoud.  Sure it may have problems, but it's better than
2.2.1, right?  And the kernel source for slink has been updated from
2.2.1 to 2.2.5.

> Oops, forgot it.
> I downloaded both silo 0.8.5-4 & 0.8.6-1 from ftp.prosa.it few hours ago, but
> which one should I use ?  Which one will be put in 2.1r3 anyway ?

I dunno -- if 0.8.5-4 fixes the nasty bug on Ultra5s and Ultra10s that
hit me (Bug#34896) then I guess that one would be the one for slink.
I guess it's worth a try!  Then I can test it easily.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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