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[sparc] new bootdisks coming soon

Hello all,

I'm pretty ready to release new bootdisks, at least for 2.1r3(?) candidate.
I addressed the following problems:

1. build 2 bootable floppy images (silo1440k.gz & silo1440k-sun4u.gz), one for
   sparc and one for ultrasparc.
   resc1440-2.2.1-sun4u image could now be bootable, and dbootstrap will be
   able to create bootable floppy for ultrasparc.

2. skip keyboard configuration step when booting on serial console.

3. added PS/2 style keymaps to the list of available keyboards (for Ultra/AX
   and maybe other ultra/PCI).

4. reworked kernel 2.2 console support to make use of the real device instead
   of /dev/console in boot-floppies.  This fixes our problem with tty
   redirection of stderr in dbootstrap freezing the keyboard.
   This also adds support for job control in tty1 or ttyS0.

5. new mkswap code to support v1 swap partition layouts (more than 130MB per

6. /dev/mouse -> sunmouse symlink added to the base system.

I just now need new 2.2 kernel images for sparc.
Which one are available now ? 2.2.6 ? 2.2.7 ?

BTW, what is the status of the /dev/fb0 permissions troubles ?
Is it fixed in the X server or the wrapper ?


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