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Bug#34688: [BAD FLOPPY?] a fluke?

Good evening Enrique ,

I reinstalled Debian 2.1 on a prestine partition.
The boot floppy worked.
Close this bug.

A tried reinstalling it three times,
on different partition layouts.
(My box is an "experiment machine" with many
bootable and reliable Debian systems. --
I keep various kernels around... ) 

I discovered the base files will not install 
with a partition smaller than 60 MB. 
I tried to get a firewall running on an old 100 MB
-- The box doesn`t like my plans:
  10 MB swap, 60 MB programs, 30 MB transfer space

After installing the base files on an ISA 486,
I get a new problem. The bootable floppies 
It take 10 times longer to boot with
the new boot floppies.
I suspect the installation script has been tested 
for newer machines.

I'll submit a detailed bug report later.

Bernard Drapeau (drapeaub@yahoo.com)

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