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Bug#35351: Unable to boot from Debian 2.1 CDROM on Dell OptiP lex GX1

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Epperly <Thomas.Epperly@aspentech.com> writes:

>> It's a known problem with the Adaptec drivers.  Did you tried
>> aic7xxx=no_probe ?

Thomas> Thank you very much for your suggestion and quick reply.  I
Thomas> haven't tried this.  I will on Monday when I go back to work.
Thomas> I don't believe this problem and potential solution are
Thomas> documented in the installation instructions.

Well, it's simply not possible for me to add text for every open bug
in the installation manual.  However, in this case, there seem to be a
lot of people affected.  I will see if I can add documentation for
this stuff soon.

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