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Announce: 3D graphical install for Debian

Following up on the success of my VGA 16-color graphical install for
Debian, I am pleased to announce the next generation in installation
tools for Debian: a 3D install.  Right now this installation is still
under heavy development, but it is scheduled to replace the text- and
2D graphics-based installs for the upcoming potato release.

The rationale behind a 3D install is simple: to make it easier for our
users.  With 3D glasses and a VR glove, users will be able to select
packages by grabbing them out of a bin of available packages and
dropping them into a bin of packages to install.

There are some minor additional hardware requirements for this
install: a Pentium II/333 or equivalent processor, 64 MB RAM, a 3D
accelerated video card.  Most newer computers will fit these
requirements, and others can be retrofitted easily and cheaply to that
level.  This amount of hardware is only necessary for the install
itself, and may be removed later, so these requirements should be
acceptable to everyone.

For an early demo of this technology, please try the current
development boot floppy on my machine at

Pleased to bring you the future in Debian installs,


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