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Bug#34688: slink: installation crash

>>>>> "bd" == B Drapeau <drapeaub@yahoo.com> writes:
bd> Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>>  On what grounds do you say your floppies are defect free.

bd> I checked them. ;-)

Pretty good check.  Sometimes the kernel will do a better job reading
from floppies than the BIOS will, though.  So it might be worth it to
try from a different set.

>> I just tested this on a fresh download of 2.1.9 boot-floppies (i386
>> architecture) and it worked fine.

bd> OK, I'll try something on a different partition.  You`ll be
bd> informed in two weeks.

Hmm... yeah... I've also seen this type of failure when a partition is
too full.  But I guess you woulda checked that.

I wonder if it's just a bad floppy or if there's something else wierd
going on.

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