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rescue disk with modules?


I want to build a Debian rescue disk for a PCMCIA-floppy machine (the
Toshiba Libretto 50).  This means that I must build the floppy as a
PCMCIA-loadable module (using the floppy_cs_1.02 kernel patches).

So my question is this: it seems that "just" compiling the kernel with the
appropriate support and then adding /lib/modules/2.0.36 (as it were) and
/etc/modules plus the pcmcia stuff is not enough ... do you guys know of
any particular magic incantations needed?

Hm, I'm in for some work here, it seems :)


PS. The situation is really interesting since I have to do the actual
install using a network card in the same PCMCIA slot needed for the floppy.

PPS. Yes, I need to do it this way...don't ask :)
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