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Debian graphical boot floppies test release 19990314

I now have working graphical boot floppies ready for people to look
at.  Please be careful, though--what if I made a bad mistake and it
mistakes a No for a Yes and erases your hard drive?  I've tested it a
_little_ and I don't think that will happen, but it could, so keep
that in mind.

This is basically a merge of my bogl & bowl libraries with the
boot-floppies tree.  There's still a few idiosyncrasies, but most of
it works, and looks good too.

The test floppy image is at

The 2.2 kernel included doesn't have much device support, just enough
for my test machine.  I don't think it includes IDE support since the
test machine has BusLogic SCSI, and it only support BusLogic SCSI
cards.  You can build your own kernel if you apply the kernel patch in
the bogl distribution, though--see the CVS or the BOGL snapshot at

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Have fun!

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