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Bug#34434: debian 2.1 kernel panics after finding scsi card

Package: boot-floppies
Version: version

architecture: i386
model: Edom MP080 Motherboard
memory: 64M
scsi: aha1542
cd-rom: SCSI NEC 501 4x
network card:  3com 509
pcmcia:        none

When booting the debian install (from a win95 partition,
install.bat/loadlin), the kernel properly detects my Adaptec scsi card
(correct i/o, irq, dma, scsi id) and then says: "kernel panic: failure
to load low-level scsi driver" or something close to that.

So, um, what do I try? I'm already running Debian on this box (2.1 in fact,
I'm only re-installing because this is my first linux install and I've
fucked a lot of things up in the process of learning how it works).

Can I use the 2.0.36 the custom kernel I have that already works on this
machine in place of the debian one? Has anyone run into this sort of
problem before?



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