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Re: m68k boot floppies support ACSI ? VME?

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> >Nick has written up a short install guide (install.txt in the VME subdirs)
> >that walks the user through the configuration and installation steps,
> >maybe that should be folded into the manual?
> Please -- I have about 10 little manuals floating around that are not
> integrated.  Integrating them is about 5 hours each for me.
> I would really prefer diffs to the existing installation manual.
> Patching the SGML is easy (but it's a big file -- search for
> <chapt> and <sect>.

Which reminds me to compare the m68k install.txt from my build and the 
one you built. 

> Ok, I can understand if you don't want to patch the SGML -- in that
> case, patch the ASCII file.  Or if that's too much, "add to section
> 'foo', ...."
> I would really appreciate it...

Ok, if Nick can provide the ASCII patch file, I can try to work it into
the SGML source. I'll have to add a description of some Mac partitioning
tools anyway. First update my boot-floppies source though ...


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