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RE: m68k boot floppies support ACSI ? VME?

> Nick> As for getting the initial kernel and ramdisk into memory, I
> Nick> have a package 'tftplilo' which provides this functionality for
> Nick> VME. Basically you configure the VME boards to TFTP and execute
> Nick> the tftplilo binary. Tftplilo then takes over transferring an
> Nick> ASCII configuration file which details various boot
> Nick> configurations, i.e. kernel, ramdisk, kernel command line etc.
> Nick> etc. The user is prompted to choose the configuration required,
> Nick> then tftplilo proceeds to tftp and boot the selected kernel and
> Nick> ramdisk images.  The problem is that it's a new package and I'm
> Nick> not sure if I'm permitted to upload this to 'frozen'. I would
> Nick> consider it quite important if we want to fully support VME on
> Nick> this release, but that's just my biased opinion.
> Yike, is this basically transparent to the user?

Not quite, the way it's been configured is for the user to prompted at boot
time by 'tftplilo' to enter the required VME installation sub architecture.

> A VME user might review the Installation Manual and check whether I
> need to change anything.

You might like to look at the tftplilo.txt and install.txt files in


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