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My company is installing some linux boxes to work as firewalls to the
technical support group's computer network and help system.  They had
a Redhat 5.2 CD and slackware, and had installed those distros on two

For some reason they couldn't get a clean build of kernel 2.2.2 on
either machine (Slackware is still libc5 so that's not surprising).

As a debian developer, I pushed my biased opinion and convinced them
to run Debian Slink instead of slackware.

They downloaded the slink boot disks, and ran through the install with 
no trouble at all.  I showed them how to configure apt to use our http proxy, 
and we pulled down the rest of the system over the network.

Kernel 2.2.2 compiled cleanly at the first go-round, and we made sure
our program versions were correct against the changes file.

Very nice work to you all -- there were absolutely no problems and
they are very happy with the system.

One wish expressed to me:  They would have liked the ability to
"back-up" during install.  Apparently they input the wrong time zone
during the install, and had to reset manually afterwards because they
couldn't see how to back up.

I believe that back-up is a feature, but couldn't remember how to do

All in all, a very minor point.

Thanks for doing a great job.  Slink is now set up and under testing
running courtney against Satan on the RedHat box.


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