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Re: Bug#34074: xdm login loop failure has happend to a newbie

When I first installed Debian (on Intel x86) I naively accepted the
default answer "yes" to a question about whether I wanted xdm.

Of course my computer, at the end of its booting up sequence,
triumphantly blanked the screen and "died". At the time I didn't know
anything about LILO and boot parameters so it took me a long time to
rid my system of xdm. Since then, I have always prefered to log in at
the console then type "startx".

So, when installing Debian on SPARC for the first time, I didn't even
fetch the xdm package.

There I found a different problem: unless you chmod /dev/fb*, startx
only works for root. I gather this problem has not been fixed for
slink, because "xdm is working fine".

Presumably the best way to fix all this for slink is to put some clear
warnings in the installation instructions. Do the installation
instructions on the CD point people at a particular URL to get the
latest additions?


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