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Re: boot-floppies broken for 2.0 kernels?

Loic Prylli wrote:
> Hi,
> It seems to me the last changes about /dev/conosle breaks the
> installation for 2.0 kernels because
> There seems to be no conditional in the patch below for the creation
> of /dev/console, am I wrong?
> And as far as I understand, and as I experienced, with 2.0 kernels
> "/dev/console c 5 1" does not work.

The miniroot install (the one on root.bin) does not make use of /dev/console
at all for 2.0 kernels, therefore there is no need to symlink it to /dev/tty0.
/dev/console is only used by 2.2 here (see init.c).
And for the base system, it is installed with /dev/console as char device then
replaced with the correct symlink if installing with 2.0 kernel on the target


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