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Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies aph

CVSROOT:	/debian/home/sr1/lib/cvs
Module name:	boot-floppies
Changes by:	aph	99/03/03 02:02:23

Modified files:
	documentation  : install.sgml 

Log message:
<sect1>Invoking the BIOS Set-Up Menu -- correct simtel reference
<sect>Boot Parameter Arguments -- add info for serial console support
<sect id="file-descs">Description of Installation System Files -- in
discussion of sparc 2.2 rescue image, mention Sun4c reasons for 2.2
kernels, point to section about 2.2 below; add description of md5sum.txt
<sect1>TFTP Installation for Low-Memory Systems -- enable and mark up
this section, was FIXME'd before
<sect id="kernel-baking">Compiling a New Kernel -- footnote now points
to using-2.2. section below, aesthetic corrections too
<sect id="using-2.2">Using the Linux 2.2 Kernel with Debian &release;
-- add to mainstream document, point to rcw's unofficial 2.2 kernel

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