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Final status: m68k boot floppies

Hi all,

To cut a long story short: I've scrapped plans for the LinuxWorld setup
today and rebuilt the VME root.bin files with the LILO patch Nick sent
me, added the 
VME install guide and uploaded the new files with a new .changes file.
call this 2.1.8-final; it got a test on Mac yesterday and on VME by Nick,
that should be enough.

If it's at all possible, please use this 2.1.8 (in Incoming) for the
CDs, for 
a variety of reasons:

- it's build from the same source as the Intel and other boot kits; my last
  changes went to the CVS server yesterday.

- It has up to date install.txt, an updated Mac booter, the VME install guide,
  and the packages in the base system are in sync with the mirror as of Saturday.

- I'd hate to have done all these last minute efforts for the circular
file :-)

For the CD disks-m68k, it would be nice if we could keep both the last 2.1.6
and this 2.1.8 (2.1.8 as disks-m68k/current/). If space is a problem, delete
the base2_1.tgz and base*.bin files from 2.1.6. Just in case Murphy
shows up
again. The 2.1.8 files should go in /install, the disks-m68k/2.1.6 is
just as
a backup (you can tell I'm paranoid about this, can you?).

Sorry to cause that much of last minute hassle...


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