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Re: second review (was: Re: first review of boot-floppies doc for sparc)

> Eric> Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Eric> tftpboot-2.2.1.img contains both sparc32 (sun4[cdm]) and sparc64
> Eric> (sun4u) kernels and root.bin.  It was built with TILO which
> Eric> chooses the right kernel to execute depending on the
> Eric> architecture.  Note that it is not really much bigger than
> Eric> tftpboot.img (which only contains 2.0.35 kernel and root.bin)
> Eric> because kernels are stored gzip'ed in that case.
> Added ... about to commit...  also added stuff about how sun4u is
> supported (in supported hardware) and other sparc fixes as you
> suggest.  See the ChangeLog for full details.

Hi all,

 could s/o look at the Makefile ... i have not the source handy but for
 the sparc rescue144 part in the Makefile is an 'prep' entry short before
 $(LINGUA) ... should be sparc or possible sparc and sparc-4xxx.



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