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Re: Boot disks and new DVD drives

On 19-Feb-1999, Wichert Akkerman <wichert@cs.leidenuniv.nl> wrote:
> I was talking to a friend today and he complained that he could not get
> Linux to install on his new machine (he tried installation both from a
> Debian 2.0 and a RH 5.2 CD). The machine was a new one with one of the
> DVD-ROM drives. Apparently the problem was that 2.0.36 can't handle
> those drives yet and you need a more recent kernel. 
> This would mean that our boot-disks don't work for a reasonably large
> proportion of new machines that are currently being sold. 
> Could someone please check if this is really so, and if so what we can
> do about this?

I have successfully booted from hamm CDs and beta slink CDs using 
a DVD-ROM (Creative Labs Encore Dxr2 kit) many times.  I have also
seen many reported successes in the newsgroups saying that their
DVD-ROMs work just fine under Linux (as a DVD-ROM, obviously video
playback is still under development).

A DVD-ROM looks just like a CD-ROM from the kernels point of view --
it's just another ATAPI drive.  When you put a CD-ROM into it, there
is little difference.

I am inclined to believe your friend is mistaken at the moment.
If further evidence can be produced (including what kind of "couldn't
install", exactly what hardware, etc) then it might be worth looking
into it further.

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