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Re: Announce (and questions): Linux 2.2 VGA 640x480x16 framebuffer driver

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Ben Pfaff wrote:

> For use mainly by graphical installation disks, I have written a
> `least common denominator' 640x480x16 framebuffer for VGA and
> compatible cards.  It is essentially complete.  You can find it at
> 	http://pfaffben.user.msu.edu/~blp
> and	http://www.msu.edu/user/pfaffben
> To use it, patch a 2.2.0 kernel pre-patch with vga16.patch, then
> select `VGA 16-color graphics console' and `VGA 16-color planar
> support' in configuration.  When you reboot, you must specify vga=274
> (which is 0x112 in hex) to kick your card into the proper video mode
> for use by VGA16 (I have not implemented mode-setting yet).
> Question: does anyone know why the entire screen turns white before
> the kernel messages start scrolling up?  I hunted through the kernel
> source code for this, but couldn't quite figure it out.
> Additional comments and suggestions are welcome.

Can I just say, wow.  


doubly cool.

How much size does this add to the kernel?


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