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Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies aph

CVSROOT:	/debian/home/sr1/lib/cvs
Module name:	boot-floppies
Changes by:	aph	99/01/18 04:46:04

Modified files:
	documentation  : install.sgml 

Log message:
update unsupported devices list for 2.0.36-2

<sect>Disk Naming in Linux -- put /dev/ on the device names

some cleanup to how the FIXMEs appear, and the obligatory misc markup
or grammar tweaks

<chapt>Booting the Installation System -- significantly reworked,
properly conditionalizing for the arch's available boot options; this
pretty much is in final shape I hope

<sect>Boot Parameter Arguments -- new, talking about different boot
parms of interest

<sect>Features of the &RESCUE-FLOPPY; --- renamed to <sect>Booting
with the &RESCUE-FLOPPY;, heavily rewritten, much smaller

<sect>Booting from CD-ROM -- added when it's supported

<sect>Interpreting the Kernel Startup Messages -- new, talking about
kernel messages

<sect>Troubleshooting the Boot Process -- new, talking about likely
ways to solve problems with booting, and how to submit a bug,
otherwise, properly, so we have the relevant hardware information in
the original bug report

<sect>&SELECT-DISPLAY-MENU -- minor factual correction on cursor placement

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