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Re: Fw: Czech boot and dinstall

Enrique Zanardi napsal:
>Done. There was a little inconsistency in the naming: the po file was
>named cz.po, the scripts/*/messages were on a directory ca/ and the
>utilities/dinstall/messages file was named lang_cs.h
>I've used "cz" for all of them. (I hope you don't mind).

Thank you. However, "cs" should be used as it is (unfortunately,
since it collides with "CS" of the former Czecho-Slovakia) the
ISO code for Czech language. CZ means the Czech Republic.

>I know what you're talking about 'cause others have told me about it
>already (Edmund Grimley for Latin-3 and Matej Vela for Latin-2). Both
>have sent me patches that deal with the problem, but I'm still
>unconvinced about which one to use. I guess one more can't hurt. ;-)

The attached solution doesn't require any patches, which
usually modify terminfo/termcap (this can create various
other side effects).

This solution uses Unicode mapping called UCW and the
corresponding font for the syslinux part of the process
(before dinstall takes over).

This font (ucw16.psf) includes border chars at the extended
ASCII positions as well as ISO 8859-X chars. X=1, 2, may
include others (you can check by pressing F8 upon boot).

Therefore, when the process gets to dinstall, the borders
are displayed correctly. In dinstall, you could (has it been
implemented yet?) choose Czech using lat2-16.psf, e.g.

The only catch is to convert syslinux messages from ISO
to UCW. I wrote a dumb (I'm not a programmer) converter
for that. I can send the source if anyone's interested ;-)

Best regards,
Pavel Makovec

P.S. I may be a bit off-track since I didn't follow recent
developments. Still, the solution works...

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