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Bug#31450: boot-floppies 2.1.4 fails to build for m68k

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > I think I found out why that's never been used on m68k before:
> > nsgmls was broken for m68k until recently (until after 2.0 release
> > at least) so Frank can't have used make release.
> > Now that I've installed sp and debiandoc-sgml and sgml-tools and
> > sgml-data I still can't successfully make docs.
> You don't need sgml-tools nor sgml-data AFAIK.  sp is depended on by
> debiandoc-sgml.   Please send me the output of your 'make docs' run

As soon as I get access to the machine and can boot Linux on it.

> and I'll take a look.  Or someone, please give me an account on the
> box and I'll work it out personally for you guys.

That's impossible for technical reasons: the box has to build things 
running kernel version 2.0.33pl1 and ethernet is only working in 
2.1.131 (which confuses cp -s, ln and dpkg with the lchown/chown 

> > Seems to be more undeclared source dependencies here. Giving up for
> > now ...
> Well, as I mentioned before, the actual package dependancies are the
> 'source dependancies'.  You should use the boot-floppies control file
> for your dependancy usage, not your internal wanna-build stuff (or
> wanna build could be taught that boot-floppies really is a source
> package, and use the package dependancies).

Sorry to be a pain, but I've installed all packages in the control file.
Still no go. Will double check again.


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