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Re: Announce (and question): Masquerading PPP server based on Debian

pfaffben@pilot.msu.edu (Ben Pfaff) writes:

   Since last Saturday, I've designed and implemented a system based on
   Debian GNU/Linux that's specialized for one thing: acting as a
   masquerading PPP server, with automatic connect and disconnect, for a
   small LAN.  The main things I've done are:

For those who are interested in a pre-release version that lacks a few
features, like squid configuration, you can anonymous-nfs mount (read
only) my working directory:


The most interesting subdirectories are:

	* `packages', which contains the packages in the base system,
	  including the ones that I modified (with some of them I
	  modified the source package and recompiled, with some I just
	  edited files in the binary package, i.e. postinst)
	* `cvs', which contains my modified version of a recent Debian
           boot-floppies from CVS.

The rest of the subdirectories are even more disorganized.

This is pre-release, but close.  I'm calling it 0.99.1.


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