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Re: Troubleshooting and Problem Solving (debian-book)

On 05/10/01, Raul Miller wrote:
> Programs which deserve explicit mention in the ToC,
> which I don't see mentioned:
> strace
> gdb
> lsof

What about ltrace? I think that one should also be included, because at
least I find it sometime more helpful then strace.

> Other basic tools:
> script
> ps, pstree
> kill, killall
> screen
> X, Xnest (limited usefulness -- is buggy), vnc [ch 16]
> essential basic unix: grep, tail, less
> essential intermediate unix: find/xargs (especially on source tree), ulimit
> essential basic sysadmin: su/sudo
> essential intermediate sysadmin: chroot
> essential basic network admin: netstat, ping, traceroute/mtr, ssh, telnet/nc
> essential intermediate sysadmin: iptables (or maybe ipchains?)

Why not cover both? I don't think that both need to be described in
details, but short introducing paragraphs about there basic usage would
be good.

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