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Re: Bug#1018146: correct multiarch for blends stuff?

Quoting Ole Streicher (2022-08-27 16:22:27)
> Helmut Grohne <helmut@subdivi.de> writes:
> > The essence of my argument was that the dependency tree has become
> > irrelevant. Since britney does not look into Recommends and the
> > dependency tree has become a recommendation tree, there aren't actually
> > that many dependencies left. It's a fairly simple tree now (when
> > disregarding recommends).
> I think this contradicts Debian Policy 2.2.1:
> | In addition, the packages in main
> | 
> | * must not require or recommend a package outside of main for
> |   compilation or execution [...]

I thought so in the past as well, but was corrected (sorry, long ago,
cannot point to a reference): Packages that does not exist at all (in
any section of the Debian archive for the same release of Debian) is not
"outside" and therefore not what that passage refers to.

 - Jonas

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