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Debian Pure Blend - Desktop

Hello Pure Blends List,
hello Debian Desktop List,

I think it would be nice to work on Debian Desktop as Pure Blend
along with Debian Junior. I think both uses cases have a big

If you think it would be a good idea, I propose that I will do
the following steps:

 1) Request for a new project (desktop) on salsa in blends-team
 2) Discuss on debian-desktop list the meta package structure
 3) Submit an ITP bug in BTS
 4) Setup a live cd image for debian-desktop

What do you think about it?

Maybe along with step 2 (meta package definition) we need also to
define a clear scope of the blend. My proposal for "Debian
Desktop" is a system for non-technical people which would like to
try Debian (GNU/Linux) for personal tasks.


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