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RE:pan blend lists game powder should be removed (relative: debichem science medical)

Heloo andrea, I am the one who put this powder in the task since the first day. :)

You remember  our visite to Grenoble where you helped me setup the pan blends.
This is when you added these initial files to the blends.

so you are responsable of this mess ;).

The good news is that  at my work  we decided to work to produce a working pan-blends.
One of our trainee is actually working  to improve the task files. I will ask to remove all the non relevant  packages.

the synchrotron SOLEIL facility decided to sub-contract reexian and lolando in order to add
softwares expected by the community in the pan-blends

Here the page we are using to coordinate on this task.


We also  have a mailing list here




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