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Re: Comments regarding blends_0.7.0_amd64.changes

Dear Chris,

On 11.06.2018 09:44, Chris Lamb wrote:
> You added python3-blends.  This package includes one small python
> library and some documentation.  Is there a reason this needs to be
> separate?  You already ship blends-dev, which is the only user for
> this new package, and blends-doc.
> The changelog does not mention any reasoning, not exists a bug report
> requesting this.

There was already a short discussion about this with Torsten Alteholz
(ftp-master@d.o) and Bastian Blank (waldi) a month ago; see


for the thread. The python3-blends package is a (first version of) a
Python package that may deal with Blends -- to be used by blends-dev,
but in future also to generate the Blends webpages (and maybe other
uses). Depending on our experiences and further development, it would be
a candidate to be included in python3-debian.

So the idea is to keep it separate and to follow the Python policy in
naming, directory layout etc. Making things modular is IMO a good thing.

Best regards


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