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Re: Debian Multimedia blend has moved to Salsa

Hi Ross,

On Sat, Feb 03, 2018 at 06:31:50PM +0100, Ross Gammon wrote:
> I have moved the Debian Multimedia blends repository from where it was
> in pkg-multimedia on Alioth to the multimedia-team on Salsa.
> In the process, I renamed the repository to match the source package
> name (which is why it was not moved automatically).
> No changes will be made in the repository until I am sure the web
> sentinel won't be broken.

I experimented a bit with the form of VcsDir that the Blends websentinel
code can eat best and adapted the code of the sentinel scripts a bit.
It seems to work now.
> Attached is a patch to the website that also changes the DMT mailing
> list away from the Alioth one.

Just done in a separate Commit.

> If this will not completely break things,
> I would be grateful if someone with the required access would apply it.

Done.  Thanks for pushing things



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