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Bug#825161: blends-dev: please introduce something like compat level

package: blends-dev
severity: wishlist


debhelper uses a nice thing called compat level, which has to be set in
each source package. So if compat is set to 9, $these features are
enabled, and if compat is set to 10, $these features *and* $those are
enabled. (eg dbgsym package atm)

It would be very nice if blends-dev would use a similar mechanism, that
way those $blends-all metapackages could have been added add a new
compat level and #825004 ('undesired education-all package) would never 

Changing the behaviour of a framework is much less cool if there aint no
such thing like an API or compat level. If there is, new features are
pretty cool. If not, new features can break stuff easily and as


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