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Re: Bug#758116: Allow to select Blends selection during installation - just "DE", "Web server", "Mail server" is NOT enough


[due to traveling to some Debian Med related workshop in Paris I was a bit
 offline-ish - so I become involved a bit late into this discussion and
 just add my points where I think further input might be helpful.]

On Tue, May 17, 2016 at 02:00:14PM +0200, Ole Streicher wrote:
> > I have no idea whether the following is practical, and/or makes sense
> > regarding d-i's logic, etc., but I'm wondering whether it would be
> > possible to have checking "Debian Pure Blends" activate a follow-up
> > screen which would list all Blends.
> In the current solution, people without the need to select a blend have
> everything on the first screen, and only those who want to see all
> blends are required to scroll down *once*. So, it requires the same (or
> even less) interaction than your proposal.

Structure wise I agree with Cyril that some follow-up screen would make
some sense provided that we have some explanation what "Debian Pure
Blends" are.
> It also needs no change in the installer at all. What I would much more
> like to see would be some help texts -- currently one has to guess what
> "Debian EzGo" means (or "standard system utilities"). It would be nice
> if tasksel would actually display the detailed description that is in
> the tasks pages.

Fully agreed here that some extra information would be really helpful
(fully orthogonal to the Blends topic).  I personally decided to go with
the minimum selected tasks since I was lacking information what the
tasks might be install on my box.
As a conclusion I agree with Ole that his current proposed solution is
acceptable for practical cases since it does not require any additional
user interaction and we do not have the technique that might be needed
to realise other more structured solutions.

Kind regards



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