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Re: Every second year we are talking about a proper installer

Ole Streicher <olebole@debian.org> writes:
>     [ ] Debian Science Pure Blend
>     [ ] ... Debian Science Astronomy packages
>     [ ] ... Debian Science Astronomy-dev packages
>     [ ] ... Debian Science packages for the design and use of
> This shows a problem that needs some coordinated effort: The descriptions
> are redundant, and this cannot be un-done in an automated way.
> I would propose here the following: The short description of each
> individual task in each individual blend *shall not* anymore name the
> blend. So, from all tasks descriptions in debian-science, we should
> remove the "Debian Science " prefix. And similar in all blends. I would
> also remove the unneeded "packages" in debian-science descriptions
> (that's trivial), but this is minor.

Another option here would be not to use the short description, but
actually the name of the task:

   [ ] Debian Science Pure Blend
   [ ] ... Astronomy
   [ ] ... Astronomy-dev
   [ ] ... Brain-Computer interface
   [ ] ... Biology

This would still require some adjustments to have a good readability
there ("Astronomy-dev" is not really useful here), but these changes
were minor.

Drawback however is that the names seem not to be translated, so there
will be the same additional work for the translation teams anyway. 

As one can see the short description (in its ideal form) and the name
are (in english) almost identical; I wonder whether we should get rid of
one of them (or at least ask to keep them identical).



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