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Re: how to get list of debianmed packages


I'm moving the discussion to Debian Blends list where it belongs to for
further discussion.

On Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 07:45:38AM +0100, Olivier Sallou wrote:
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> > De: "Andreas Tille" <andreas@an3as.eu>
> > À: debian-med@lists.debian.org
> > Envoyé: Lundi 14 Mars 2016 17:45:42
> > Objet: Re: how to get list of debianmed packages
> > 
> > On Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 05:15:50PM +0100, Olivier Sallou wrote:
> > > > May be we should bundle better tools inside metapackages to output
> > > > the dependencies of the package in a nice way ...
> > > a web interface with json (or equivalent) search/output would be nice
> > > too.... to get programmatic search by tools. (even not from a Debian box).
> > 
> > OK, we have a web interface:
> > 
> >    http://blends.debian.org/med/tasks/bio
> > 
> > We could also generate
> > 
> >    http://blends.debian.org/med/tasks/bio.json
> > 
> > if you specify *what exactly* should be included.
> I think json should contain exactly the same, as an array of objects.

I'm not sure whether we really need things like description translations
in this machine readable form since it would possibly increase the size
of the json file by one order of magnitude (at least I *hope* that we
have so many translations ;-)).

> Each object has package name, versions, debtags, short desc and desc, just like in html but formatted in json.
> This page is generated automatically from UDD (or other) right?

Its generated from UDD twice a day.  Currently some data for prospective
packages come from the original tasks files but I'm busy changing this
right now to get everything out of UDD.  Considering this I admit that
I'm a bit hesitating to create this static json interface if you have a
quite flexible SQL interface in UDD which has all the relevant
> I can manage without this with the command you gave me (search with debmed maintainer address), so do not do this for me only.

For the interested reader on Debian Blends list:  I gave the hint that
you can get all the packages maintained by the Debian Med team basically
matches the set of biology packages on a typical biologists machine by:

   grep-aptavail --field=Maintainer 'debian-med-packaging@lists.alioth.debian.org' --show-field=Package,Version,Description
> In a more general way, it would be nice to query Debian archive from remote systems (get files in a packages get package info, search packages with X or Y etc...). We have information from many web sites/pages but it could be usefull to get all those info available via an easy web API. It would help users willing to integrate some Debian stuff into their tools.

There are examples for web APIs like the Maintainer dashboard[1] and it
would be probably not to hard to craft something Blends related follwing
this example.
> I do not know if such concern has already been raised between deb developpers, I would be surprised if not. 

Something in this direction was raised by the NeuroDebian developers to
possibly base their web interface on it.  I'm not sure whether they
stick to this idea these days.

Kind regards


[1] https://udd.debian.org/dmd.cgi 


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