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DebConf15 Blends Sprint


I'll be at DebCamp this year and would like to come along to the Blends
Sprint, if it's okay that I put my name down for it?  I have some
experience with d-i and I'm particularly interested in getting Blends
support into the Debian installer (https://bugs.debian.org/758116).

On the Friday it seems there will be an Astro sub-sprint;  I've no
experience in that field, but it does sound interesting, and Ole
Streicher did ask recently about a kFreeBSD porting issue.  I could
maybe look at porting some Astro packages to kfreebsd during that?

I'll have access to a fast build server for the duration (probably a
KVM host with GNU/Linux and kFreeBSD virtual machines), so if anyone
else there could use it I'll be happy to share access.

Steven Chamberlain

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