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Re: Motivation to work on Blends

Hi Holger,

On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 02:28:24PM +0100, Holger Levsen wrote:
> sorry. As I see it, it generates meta-packages, which is nice and useful, but 
> which could be done with some very simple script too.

I beg to differ as I previously said.  Blends-dev *is* (modulo some more
generic variables) the "simple script" used in the debian-edu package
previously but nothing else.  And if I remember correctly we fixed a
problem perfectly correctly brought up by you in a Merida workshop since
debian-edu was accessing the internet at package build time.  Blends-dev
is as simple as possible - but not simpler.

> (And I do a lot of QA in Debian - so I do care about QA. Maybe dealing so much 
> with way worse issues made me more ignorant about cosmectic stuff like this.)

I know this and I'm thankful for this.  Since #726492 is not RC I see no
show stoper for Debian Edu.
> > I'm simply astonished if people starting to code something else since
> > they prefer Perl over Python
> You're surprised that people rewrite foo because of bar??? Really??? How long 
> have you been involved in free software? That happens all the time.

That's quoting the wrong part.  It is no rewrite to change the language
since the current "simple script" (see above) is actually Perl and not

> Also this ain't nothing new: there has always been more than one tool to 
> create Debian Blends, and there always will be :) Which is great!

That's not my main problem.  My problem is that the information dropped
in "by chance".  I was criticising a lack of announcement + discussion.
I have no problems with alternatives.

Kind regards



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