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Re: Motivation to work on Blends

Hi Erik,

On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 12:31:06PM +0000, JOSEFSSON Erik wrote:
> Thanks for having this discussion. I am learning a lot!

You are welcome.
> It is my understanding that it is technically possible for debian-edu to use boxer, but that that would involve considering the definition of a Debian Pure Blend as a product that uses only package lists and debconf.
> @Andreas, could you assess whether it would be possible to build debian-med with boxer?

Sorry, I can not answer this question since I do not understand what
boxer is approaching.

> I am asking because (AFAIK) you haven't had a bug#311188 report.

I think none of the other Blends have a similar bug report.  However,
the reason for this is not the toolset since the affected package
debian-edu-config is not created with this toolset.  The source package
debian-edu (without '-config') is creating the metapackages of Debian
Edu and does not feature this bug.

Kind regards



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