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Re: Any news about Blends in tasks selection (Was: Debian Installer Jessie Beta 2 release)

On Tue, Oct 14, 2014 at 11:20:02AM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> I admit I expected *you* to know about Blends for a while - but
> considering the video recorded quote I think I was not wrong using this
> chance to point this out for other readers of this mail as it is really
> a fact that I always meet DDs who mix up this concept with derivatives.

I have heard about them for quite a while, indeed, but I must say that I
never entirely understood what they are.  I'm guessing I'm not alone in
this.  So let me write what I think they are, and then you can correct
me.  I've read the explanation on the wiki, but I'm still not sure if I
understand it right.

I think a blend is a system you can install, which after installing is a
regular Debian system, set up for a particular task.  Because it's a
regualr Debian system, after installation packages can be installed and
removed just like on any other Debian system, and any other system can
be turned into a blend by installing the right packages.

From the wiki, it seems that is just the "Pure Blend", because other
Blends may have extra apt sources.

Is this a good summary?

If so, I think it would be a very good idea to make this part of the
installer.  And turn the default system into "just another blend".

Regardless of whether my summary is good, I think the documentation can
use some improvement.  Examples of the target audience would be useful.
What is made possible or easier with blends?  What is often confused
with it, but isn't actually related?  I admit I didn't spend a lot of
time trying to find answers to these questions, but I think it shouldn't
require a large time investment.

> > > Well, Blends and "the desktop situation" could be considered orthogonal.

Do all blends work well with all desktop environments?  I can see how
some blends would focus to make things work perfectly with one of them
only.  In such a case, it makes sense to omit the desktop selection
after such a blend is selected, or at least let the blend define the


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