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Re: Only one Depends per paragraph is allowed (Was: [SCM] games branch, master, updated. 0.10-21-g435d459)


On 09.10.2014 12:15, Andreas Tille wrote:
> That's since the current code to parse the tasks files is not using
> deb822 reader (from debian import deb822).  The tasks files are no
> control files but they follow dep822 format (as for instance
> debian/control files).  It is pure lack that the blends-dev tools are
> more tolerant here.

I'd call that a bug. :)

>> The requirement for an extra empty line seems to be neither documented
>> nor enforced currently.
> Perhaps the documentation part is to weak.

Wishlist bug report is in the works.

>> I also don't see a reason why the latter should
>> be necessary since both options work appropriately. Is this really a
>> problem?
> If you do not believe me have a look at the tasks pages. :-) 

Yeah, _that's_ a problem. I will revert the change and file two bug
reports against blends-dev.



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