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upstream-metadata.debian.net restarted.

Dear all,

I eventually repaired upstream-metadata.debian.net.  It is still running on
blends.debian.net, with a modified version of the umegaya package (now 1.0 in
Sid) where the transition to Apache 2.4 has been reverted.

While as a website upstream-metadata.debian.net was never off, in practice the
system has been broken for a couple of months.  The automatic update of
http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/collab-qa/packages-metadata/ were stopped
because I did not update the SSH fingerprint of Alioth after the last repair,
and did not spend enough time to understand that it was the only thing needed…

Then the gatherer itself suffered strange problems where for some packages
the updates to the Berkeley DB were silently dropped.  I have not understood
the real cause for this, but restarting with an empty DB was enough to solve
the problem, at least for the moment…

Lastly, the gatherer was also suffering from some bugs related to the download
of the package's control, copyright and metadata files, that I corrected
indirectly by factorising some parts of the code that had been written by quick
and dirty cut-and-pasting.

Altogether, I hope that the gatherer works as well or even better than before.
Its source code (debcheckout -a umegaya) is in collab-maint, world-writable.

Thanks to Andras Tille and Paul Wise for their help, support and advices in
the last six months.


Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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