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Re: Feedback on the blends documentation & homedir installations

[Blends list in CC - since there is nothing private in this mail]

Hi Julien,

On Sun, May 18, 2014 at 06:12:22PM +0200, Julien Puydt wrote:
> I have (finally...) been reading the documentation on blends, and
> found the following:

Thanks for your proof-reading.  This is really appreciated.

> *  In section 2.4, the last sentence has several problems:
> 'interntal' should be 'internal', 'implementetions' should be
> 'implementations' and 'user oriented' should be 'user-oriented'.
> *  In section 3.3, "DFSG-free licenses avoids that problem" should
> have "avoid", as "licenses" is plural.
> * In section 6.3 (before 6.3.1), there's the argument on "the
> limited number of groups to which a user can belong" at the start of
> the paragraph... and at the end of the paragraph, "there is no
> practical limit to the number of groups to which a user may
> belong"... I think that the idea is that for now things are ok, but
> if blends become plentiful, then that might become one, but I'm not
> sure of myself : it's confusing.

I agree that this is a questionable wording.  For your information this
group stuff is also one of the totally ignored features in the Blends

> * In section 8.2.2, "non English" should perhaps be "non-english"?
> * In section A.3, "metapackges" should be "metapackages"
BTW, you can also provide a patch for the source code in Git which might
come more handy than this verbal description also for you.

> Apart from those, there's a point that isn't discussed in this
> documentation, and which in my opinion is a shortcoming of
> debian-as-is: if we want to make software easily
> discoverable&installable for the end-user... then shouldn't it be
> possible to install packages as a user, in one's homedir?

I personally do not think that Debian packages should be installable in
users home directories.  Fiddling with $HOME is not our task.

> Obviously
> that wouldn't work for everything (the kernel and servers needing a
> low port come to mind), but for many things, there wouldn't be any
> problem. After all, all free software developers I know are used to
> launch what they work on from a directory in their home directory!

... which is fine - but something else than Debian as distribution
should care about.

> I hope that helps,

Yep, definitely.  Your fixes are applied.  Feel free to continue the
discussion on the Blends mailing list.

Kind regards



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