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Re: How would new users discover existence of Blends?

Hi Richard,

On Thu, Apr 03, 2014 at 10:33:13AM -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:
> Short answer - with difficulty.
> Even suspecting that something exists, how would a potential user
> {as opposed to developer} going to www.debian.org discover blends
> exist?
> The only direct reference to Blends under bold faced headings is
> under "Developers Corner" - that's not a heading that would attract
> a new USER. Some individual blends are listed under site map link,
> not nothing there to the concept of blends.
> I suggest there be a link to blends.debian.org on debian.org .
> Having been pointed to blends.debian.org/blends/ and
> wiki.debian.org/DebianPureBlends in the past was personally
> non-productive as they were detail oriented.

I perfectly agree with your analysis and I admit I'm absolutely not
happy about this situation.  As always its simply lacking a volunteer to
do the job and I personally can not volunteer for any job.  I learned
that whenever I spoke about Blends (and I'm doing this under different
names since over ten years) the reaction of people usually was:  Hey,
cool concept ... and then they moved on.  We had some progress on the
technical side and people are struggling to form teams and I have
written a lot of code in my spare time to get at least the content of
Blends as visible as possible.  I regard this as technical work and I
enjoy this work.  On the other hand I would really welcome if there
would be volunteers (like you?) who would support the idea by taking
over jobs like injecting more information on Debian web pages and other
information that might be needed.

If anybody understood this as a cry for help this was understood it
perfectly correct.

Kind regards



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