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Re: Remark for initial commit of 3dprinter tasks (Was: [SCM] 3dprinter branch, master, created. 41edc190d995f73dabf8f9b9b96478273f602355)

Hi Andreas,

On Mon, 31 Mar 2014, Andreas Tille wrote:
         I injected some plain html index page and the default CSS

great, thanks.

Since you obviously used Debian GIS as template you might either

Aaah, you got me :-).

replace or drop the LogoURL in the webconf file.  See the first
result here:


The gis blend contains package r-cran-spdep in the statistics-task file. It is not in the archive yet and thus appears yellow on the website. The 3dprinter package slic3r should have a similar status, but does not appear. Do you have any idea what went wrong?


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