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Re: Re: Updating task screenshots from developer websites

Well, upon re-reading all information I could find thru the list search function,
the wiki, pabs' blog about the Games Team Screenshot Party, etc., I have
come to the conclusion that it is acceptable, as long as the package appears
in main and the screenshot comes directly from the developer's website.
Screenshots from any other source are questionable at best, and contrib and
non-free are right out.

However, when I began to take other considerations into account, such as
image format and size, I realized that this approach may not really save time.
I would still spend much time resizing and converting images to PNG, not to
mention the fact that many of these screenshots may be quite old.  Instead,
I will focus on blends that provide live images.  This way the screenshots
will be up-to-date and reflect the intentions of the respective teams, while
still letting me avoid the installation & uninstallation of countless pkgs
I personally don't use.

Thanks for your time,


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